W32: Developing a Living Reliability Program - FMEA

  1. Thursday-Friday, October 10-11, 2019
  2. 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
  3. Location: Room M103

This two-day workshop is a total interactive workshop that focuses on the importance of failure modes and analysis (FMEA) in the development of a living reliability program. This will be a hands-on working session facilitated by industry experts but performed by the attendees.

The workshop begins with defining failure, the way failure manifests itself and developing a maintenance strategy to address those failures. Attendees will then execute that strategy on actual equipment and perform an analysis on their results to demonstrate the importance of having a living reliability program supported by skilled staff.

This session will reveal the potential cost reductions or avoidances made by bringing all your assets to a state of good. Attendees will walk away armed with tools and knowledge to conduct FMEAs for implementing a successful living reliability program.


  1. Andy Gager, CMRP, CPIM, CRL, CAMA

    Managing Director - Nexus Global Business Solutions

  2. Don Langley, CMRP

    Director- GP Strategies


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